Parent Information
School Hours

Take In Time: 8:00 AM

Dismissal Time: 3:00 PM

Main Telephone Line: 251-221-1137
Registration Dates
Allison Streeter

Allison Streeter

Phone: 251-221-1139

Uniform Information

Top: Girls

  • White "Peter Pan" collar,
  • short sleeve
  • (no puff sleeves, no lace on sleeves or collar, no monogrammed collars)

Bottom: Girls

Plaid Jumper:

  • "Council Plaid" #65 (Royal Park)

Plaid Skirt:

  • "Council Plaid" # 65 (Royal Park)

Top: Boys

White Oxford, button-down collar, short sleeve.

Bottom: Boys

  • Khaki (Uniform only)
  • No Duckheads, Dockers, etc.
  • Pants should be neatly hemmed at the correct length (no cuffs).


  • Red web belt purchased at a uniform store.
  • No character buckles or rings permitted.

Socks: Girls

  • Red cotton socks.
  • Red tights may be worn in cold weather.

Socks: Boys

Solid khaki crew socks


  • The Dirty Buck (tan suede with red hard soles),
  • The Dirty Buck (with dark brown leather saddle,
  • Willets (tan and navy leather shoe), or
  • Willets (solid navy leather shoe).

Outerwear: Male/Female


  • Boys "Council Red" cardigan or v-neck pullover. To BE PURCHASED AT UNIFORM STORES ONLY. The only approved outerwear for field trips.
  • Girls "Council Red" Cardigan. TO BE PURCHASED AT UNIFORM STORES ONLY. The ONLY approved outerwear for field trips.

Additional Notes

  • Uniform dress will be required and monitored daily.
  • Teachers will make a personal check of students each day. Inappropriate attire will be called to the attention of the student, parent, and the school administration.
  • Optional Uniforms: IB Uniform – New Policy for 2017-2018
  • New Optional IB Uniform: Starting in the 2017-2018 School year the IB shirt / uniform may be worn for special events and the 1st Friday of each month.
  • The schedule will be placed in the parent bulletin and the parent/ student handbook.
  • IB Shirt The shirt may be purchased at the uniform store.
  • Girls Khaki pants (uniform style only – no Duckhead, Dockers etc.) and a red belt. Pants should be neatly hemmed at the correct length (no cuffs).
  • Boys Wear the regular uniform pants with the IB shirt.
  • New Optional Uniform: Pride Day Dress-Up Uniform Every Wednesday and Special Events...
  • Girls and boys may wear the Navy Blue Blazer with the CTS patch Style: U8837 Color Navy Purchased from “Uniforms R Us."
  • Girls should wear a red bow, and the boys should wear a red bow tie. (Bow ties will be sold at the school.)
  • Students’ names may be monogrammed inside the blazer.
  • Physical Education Uniform The required physical education uniform will be as follows:
  • All students will wear red shorts and white t-shirts. Red sweatpants and sweatshirts may worn during cooler weather.
  • ALL students will wear predominantly white tennis shoes or sneakers.
  • We recommend low-cut shoes due to the difficulty of lacing and tying high tops.
  • Please label all uniform items with permanent markers.
  • We recommend inexpensive shoes, since the school will assist students in caring for their belongings but cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • All physical education uniforms can be purchased from the school.